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Wild Plants of Greater Seattle by Arthur Lee Jacobson

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It's another Birthday and with it, another

Birthday Sale at
Colvos Creek Nursery

Join us Friday, Saturday and Sunday, July 25th to 27th, 10 am to 4 pm for cake, cold drinks and lots of exciting plants all 30 % off. As usual, we will have a drawing for gift certificates ($60.00 this year). And this Hot Weather Bulletin: Vashon Island is usually ten degrees cooler in summer than the mainland!

We at Colvos Creek grow plants and create gardens for the special climate of the Pacific Northwest.While mild temperatures allow us to draw from the entire temperate flora and beyond, our dry summers have lead us to feature native plants and compatible drought-tolerant species from similar climates around the world.

But gardens, and the plants in them, should be not only suited to the climate, accomodating to the owner's needs and easy to maintain, but surprising and beautiful throughout the year. Our large and diverse plant list reflects this belief, and so do our gardens. With our plants, landscape designs and information we want to add to the enjoyment of gardens everywhere.

Many of our popular plant selections are also sold at the Vashon Country Store and Gardens located on the Vashon Highway, just south of downtown Vashon.

Besides the nursery and landscape design, we offer writing and illustration services as well as slide lectures on the topics of plants and gardens.

Mike Lee is a registered landscape architect with 30 years experience. He has also illustrated a series of posters on trees and has illustrated books and articles. His writing has appeared in several publications such as Fine Gardening and Pacific Horticulture.

The poster series is available through Good Nature Publishing.

To inquire about a speaking engagement or our other services please use our Contact Form.


Factors to Look Into When Selecting the Best Lawn Seeds


Different grasses vary in terms of their characteristics, maintenance requirement, and more. A small variation in quality makes all the difference. A lawn seed may die in winter due to fungus infection while the other survives. Thus, buying the cheapest lawn seeds in the market may not be the best idea.

In selecting lawn seeds, there are crucial factors that must be considered.


Winter seeds: There is no better time to plant cool season lawn than during the fall season. There are many varieties of winter grasses which are tolerant to cold and fungal diseases. Perennial ryegrass, for instance, is a better choice in areas of high foot traffic. It establishes itself fast, and its mowing maintenance requirement is low. Annual ryegrass, on the other hand, survives for a single season only.            

Summer seeds: Late spring is a good time to establish warm season lawn. Note that spring grasses don’t do well in cold temperature as they tend to turn brown. Most spring grasses are heat-tolerant and low-maintenance. However, they are not ideal for shady places. The best lawn for the spring season has well-established roots which can prevent erosion. It is also insect-resistant, drought-tolerant, and low maintenance. Some grasses like centipede grass thrive in poor soils. Their slow growth rate calls for less mowing than other types of lawn. It would be recommended to read ZTR mower reviews to find the mower that suits your choice. However, centipede grass’ color may not be as green as most people like.

Other factors

The season is not the only factor you must consider when buying grass seeds. You must also take into account the following:

How to Set Up Your Own Outdoor Recliner Setting

Recliners can transform a boring backyard into a comfortable space where you can take time to relax and reflect. If you want to set up your own highly rated recliner setting, all you need to have is a little creativity. You don’t have to spend money to purchase expensive recliners and patio chairs.

What You Need

Things You Can Do

  1. Old pallets are cheap. All you need is to paint them with vibrant colors to make a beautiful table.
  2. Make use of reclaimed wood to design an ice chest.
  3. To build an easy farmhouse table, you can use an old milk jug.
  4. Use tree branches and logs to create a recliner chair. You may also purchase some used pallets to make patio seats. Wood pallets can become classic loungers.
  5. Turn a used wooden cable reel into a rocking seat at the garden. It can also make a great patio table.
  6. Purchase flexible plastic pipes to build smaller seats. Just add some fabric materials into them.
  7. Old tires can be used to make an ottoman for your patio. Wrap the tires with rope to make a set of patio chairs and tables.
  8. Use old plastic crates to make chairs by adding soft cushions.
  9. Make a comfortable bed by adding cushions and pillows on wooden pallets.
  10. Use strong ropes to create a fun swinging chair.
  11. Transform an old table into a shelf and decorate it.
  12. Have a storage bin in place to keep patio cushions.
  13. You can craft comfortable swinging bed with old pallets and mattresses.

Materials that Make Organic Mattresses

If you want to avoid skin irritation and potential respiratory problems, you might want to invest in safer mattress options like organic mattresses. These are made from natural materials which do not contain toxic chemicals or flame retardants. When we say natural materials, we refer to the following:

Latex Foam

Almost every organic extra firm quality mattress contains latex foam. Certified organic latex contains 95% natural ingredients. Note that there are some other forms of latex which are synthetic or a blend of organic and synthetic elements.

Latex is a milky liquid found in plants which are commonly used in rubber production. The rubber tree or fig tree is a great source of latex. These trees are commonly found in rainforests. Latex is harvested by tapping the trees so that it drops into a bucket. Since latex can stiffen up after a while, some chemicals are added to it. To produce the final product used in mattresses, the raw material goes through a number of processes such as chlorination, compounding, coagulation, leaching, stripping, lubrication, and centrifugation.

Organic cotton

Organic cotton is grown naturally in the absence of fertilizers, herbicides, or pesticides. Unlike the genetically modified cotton, organic cotton is healthier and more natural. It is thus safe to use in bedding since no chemicals would penetrate into the skin unlike that of bleached cotton.

The cotton crop is the main source of this material. It is normally planted in spring, grows throughout summer, and is collected during the fall season. The collected fibers are stored before ginning. At the ginning stage, the baled cotton is washed to get rid of debris and dirt. Then, it is pressed into modules for shipping. After the shipment, organic cotton goes through carding to intertwine the cotton fibers into smooth ropes known as slivers. Slivers are then fabricated into a cotton material.