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Morning Sun Hardscapes & Landscaping

Michael Lee, Landscape Architect

Our landscape design services center around the client. There are no typical plans or generic approaches. Each garden is personal.

Gardens must be many things. In a time of diminishing resources, gardens, especially, should be 'green' in every sense. Materials should be easy on the environment, plants should thrive without chemicals or extra water, and space should be carefully used.

But the garden needs to be beautiful, comforting and personal, too, full of scents, sounds, colors, textures and unique features that make it a satisfying sanctuary throughout the year. We design with all these goals in mind.

The design process begins with a visit with you to see the place and discuss your needs. At that time, we will estimate the time to do the design and propose a fee. If this is agreeable, we will take measurements and photos and get to work.

When the design is well along, you will be presented with a preliminary plan. If this is satisfactory, we will complete it in the next few days. If changes are needed, these will be made.

Once the plan is done, we can arrange to turn the plan into a real garden. Our associated contractor, Morning Sun Hardscapes, will prepare a bid for you, or if you prefer, we will solicit several independent bids. Whichever contractor you select, we will work with them to ensure the project is done to your specifications.