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Ordering By Mail

What We Send

Our plants are all grown in containers. Our Size 0 (liners) are grown in 3 1/2 in. pots and average 4-12 in. tall. Plants in Size 1 are grown in containers with minimum width of 5 1/2 in. and depth of 6 in. and are mostly 10-20 in. tall. The Size 2 containers are at least 8 1/2 in. wide and 9 in. tall, the Size 5 containers are at least 11 1/2 in. wide, 12 in. deep.

We make our own artificial potting soil from composted Douglas fir bark, sand, trace elements and timed-release fertilizer. We do not ship the plants in their containers but with their rootballs enclosed in plastic bags. We can bare-root them for an additional 20% charge.

Ordering Information

Shipping charts and additional order details are available in our Price List.

Please send full payment with your order. We normally ship within 10 days of receiving your order, unless you request a later date. If there will be a delay, or we are out of something, we will let you know. We encourage you to list a few alternates.

We ship via UPS, which takes 2-3 days on the West coast and up to 10 days to the East coast. Second Day Air is just that, but they do not guarantee it.

Our shipping season is all year here on the West Coast. We will ship anywhere, anytime, however customers in milder Eastern and Southern zones should remember that there may be very hot or cold weather between here and there. During such weather we will only ship Second Day Air service. This includes December through February in or through Zones 6 and lower and June through August anywhere but the West coast. We will be glad to make arrangements to suit your needs, but above all we want your plant to arrive alive and well.

Will Call/Delayed Shipping

While we try to accommodate your needs, we don't have much space to hold orders for later pick-up or delivery. If you want to reserve something to pick up at the nursery in the next week or two, we will put it aside for you. BUT, we will send a plague of slugs if you don't show up!

Mail order customers who need to delay shipment until better planting weather can indicate so on the order blank. We will hold our order up to three months.

If the delay is at out end, it is because your plants are not ready to send. These delays rarely exceed three months. We will let you know if any part of your order will be delayed.

Credit Cards

We accept Visa, Mastercard, Discover and American Express for payment of your order. The space for this is included on the order blank.

Foreign Shipments

For shipments outside the United States, please ask us for details.

Wholesale Customers

If you are in the landscapes or nursery trades, please contact us for a wholesale price schedule.


We will provide replacement, refund or credit for any plant not true to name or not growing satisfactorily within the first month after purchase. Our liability will in no case exceed the price of the plant.